Monday, December 08, 2008


Win with Dukes Super Sports Draw!

Through the valiant efforts of the players and directors of the Wellington Dukes, the “Super Sports Draw” is entering its final stages. There are less that 25% of the tickets remaining for this year’s draw.

Here are a couple of details about the draw that have been kept secret until this very moment.

There are sixteen Leaf tickets in the draw. The ticket prizes will be awarded in pairs, and the opponents include: New Jersey Devils, Edmonton Oilers, the Washington Capitals, and the New York Islanders.

The sixteen Senator tickets include games against the Montreal Canadiens, The Buffalo Sabres, The Vancouver Canucks, The Carolina Hurricanes.

It gives the fan an opportunity to see Liam Reddox, former Wellington Duke in action with the Oilers. Former Bulls Jason Spezza with the Senators, Matt Stajan with the Leafs, the Devils’ David Clarkson, and the Islanders’ Richard Park are also players you may potentially watch.

Perhaps the best defenceman in the history of the Wellington Dukes, Bryan Helmer, has been called up to the NHL for a few games with the Capitals.

The Toronto Raptors will be playing the Utah Jazz on Sunday March 8th at the ACC. You will have great seats, if your ticket is pulled.

For those of you who enjoy your games on a playing field, there are also plenty of great tickets. Two excellent seats are available for the Toronto Football Club, which is, of course the Toronto Soccer team. All their games sell out quickly, so this is a good prize for the soccer fan.

The Blue Jay seats are in the front row. You will be able to share your deepest, darkest secrets with Alex Rodriguez, or any other third baseman who happens to be playing that day. Please don’t mention Madonna’s name. He doesn’t like that.

Along with Belleville Bulls’ tickets, and a season ticket for the Dukes next year---you have enough prizes to warm the cockles of any sports fan’s heart.

Finally, the chair. It is the most enormous, and most luxurious sports chair you have seen! You may also have your own personal favourite team logo emblazoned on the chair. You may catch a glimpse of said object in the window of Lavender Furniture in Wellington.

All in all, great prizes and a great cause-the draw is to supplement the busing costs of the Dukes.

Perfect stocking stuffers! The draw will take place on the ice during the Dukes last regular season home game this year-February 8, 2009.

Tickets are also available by emailing the Dukes bookkeeper, or yours truly: You may even phone me for a ticket; 613-399-2278.

Parking is also included with many of these prizes-a good thing at ScotiaBank place in the middle of a nasty Ottawa winter. Good Luck!

James Hurst

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