Tuesday, December 08, 2009


Second Annual Dukes Super Sports Draw

“Who’s got a pair? Are you looking to sell? Anybody got a pair?”

Those are the words of the scalpers parading outside the major sports venues around the world, particularly at important sports events. They know it is illegal to scalp tickets. You know it is illegal. Instead of bellowing, “I have tickets to sell at double the price printed on the ticket!” they pretend to look for tickets.

You may also use one of the internet sites to pick up a pair of tickets. Those sites usually reflect the market rate for tickets at each venue. I checked out tickets for Lambeau Field for a Packers game this year, and it was not fun. That place has been sold out for twenty years, and ticket holders can expect to pocket at least twice the price for their tickets.

The same applies to the Toronto Maple Leafs. Even more so when they are hot! (It does happen, occasionally.) At most of the entrances to the Air Canada centre, there are “agents” with extra tickets willing to serve you. The same applies at the Rogers Centre for baseball and football; however, except on rare occasions, you will not have to pay much of a premium for those ducats.

Chances of winning Major League tickets in the Wellington Dukes Super Sports Draw are reasonably good. There are twenty-five prizes, and there are 2500 tickets printed. Odds are a lot better than most other lotteries. And when you lay out your cash for the draw, you are helping the Dukes, never a bad thing.

All team executive members and all Dukes players have tickets to sell. There are also tickets at Lavender Furniture on Main Street in Wellington. You may also call 613-399-2278, and I will make sure your requests will be met. Naturally, tickets are available at all home games.

There is an early bird draw this year for an Ottawa Senators-Boston Bruins game on Monday, December 21st at ScotiaBank Place. The value of these tickets is $ 104 per ticket. $ 208 for the pair, and double that for the scalper price. Like everyone else, I always complain when faced with that predicament, but I pay the premium too.

There are tickets for the Leafs when they play the Hurricanes, the Bruins, and the Thrashers. Others will be advertised when they arrive.

It may be your best opportunity to score a great pair of hockey tickets this year. But there are also great seats for other sports events in 2010: tickets for TFC soccer, Argos football, Raptors basketball, Blue Jays baseball, and several Belleville Bulls games. As an added feature this year, we have thrown in several rounds of golf. We cannot guarantee that Tiger Woods will accompany you on your round of golf. After all, he seems to be fairly busy at this time. Wrapping Christmas presents, of course.

A Wellington Dukes Season Ticket for next year at the new arena is first prize. If you win that, and you are not happy about it, we will send you a cheque for $ 200 instead of the ticket.

A special word of thanks to all of our ticket donors. Obviously, this enterprise would not be possible without your support.

Get ‘em while they’re hot! More than half of the tickets have been sold. Great stocking stuffers!

The main draw will take place at the DukeDome at the Dukes last home game: Sunday, February 7, 2010. Start time; 6:30pm. Be there to claim your prize! All other winners will be notified following the game.

James Hurst

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