Saturday, February 20, 2010


Canberra Station

We are indebted to Anne and Peter Edwards, who have taken us in, on short notice. It has given us a chance to regroup, revitalize, and to reintegrate with the world, as we are learning to know it.
We had a chance to chat with Marion and Murray Swan this morning via Skype. It is yet another of those tools I have not completely come to grips with, but was fun to use. The Edwards are on their way to Florida in a month or so. That gives them plenty of time to come up with a list of reasons why the Hursts were such fabulous guests. We are even going to play a hand or two of bridge this evening.

We spent several hours today touring the grounds and buildings of the Australia War Museum. The Aussies have had a hand in many world situations, from the early 1900's in South Africa right through to the present, in Afghanistan. They were far more involved in Vietnam than were the Canadians. Darwin, on the north was bombed by the Japanese during the Second World War. Australians suffered greatly in the Second World War, especially at the hands of the Japanese.

Peter whisked us around the city before our stop at the museum. On Red Hill, overlooking the Parliament Buildings, we were startled by a wonderful pair of kangaroos, mother and child. We have seen several on the hills while driving from place to place, but this was our first close look at the roos.

We spent the previous night in Newcastle, attempting to solve the insurance problems and claims from our fender bender. Not a lot was resolved, as bureaucracy reigns supreme here as in any other country. You may not "Pass Go", unless you know the correct password. And you need to "Pass Go" in order to learn the password. Methinks it will not be resolved until we get back to Canada.

Let me share the moment. It is five o'clock in the afternoon. We are on the deck, writing travel journals, sipping Coke. I have yet to wear a sweater, let alone a jacket while in Australia. The sneakers are getting a little high, as I have neglected socks as well. Time for some baby powder. A slight breeze, listening to the Beatles' "Another Day". Brilliant rosellas, scarlet parrots, will arrive shortly to get a treat or two from the bird feeder.

As can be expected, the Bee Gees have followed the Beatles. Never a bad thing. Moving along......Later.

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