Sunday, February 14, 2010


Valentine's day Plus One.

Byron's Bay

We arrived here in the early afternoon, following a pleasant drive north from Woolgoola, north of Coff's Harbour. We`ate at another "Club". The lamb was`just satisfactory, but the fries were good. No matter what you order, the base is made of fries, topped with your meal, with some salad on the side. The shrimp were deep fried, looked like they were from Cysco or M & M.

We met three delightful nurses who shared a bit of the local history with us. Two were retired, and the other was a Community`Service nurse.

Ofeten Australians say, "Why yes, I've been to Canada". They then tell you they have been to Victoria, Vancouver and perhaps to Banff. They have no idea of the size of Canada, nor do most Canadians, (nor Australians, for that matter). We met an older couple at Manley Beach who told us they visit Sydney from Perth every year. "How long is the flight? I asked. "Oh no, we don't fly," they replied. We take the train---something called the Asian-Australian Express, or something similar to that. Four days, nicely appointed. Private cabins with washrooms. Dining room service for all meals. "Quite expensive," they added. I'll bet it is!

The beach here at Byron's Bay is at or near the top of all beach lists. From the lighthouse in the east, to the mountains to the west, it must be almost forty kilometeres long. The ,town itself is inundated with young Australians, and others from around the world. We sauntered up the main street on the Sunday evening. The bars and restaurants were packed. We are nearing the end of summer. The kids went back to school a couple of weeks ago, and it even feels a little like September.

We talked to Jane and Hunter yesterday. A man of few words. "Hi, grandma. i went swimming. Bye." Apparently, all is well on the home front.

We may get to the local library today to catch up on Belleville news. The internet is free for an hour in the Aussie libraries. Not a bad thing.

Tomorrow we are heading north to Brisbane. That will be the extent of our norther journey. We have spoken to Jason Lees, and`are planning to meet him at his place around 5:00pm. God bless the GPS. It failed us only when the fuse when in the thing, according to the Thrifty people in Newcastle.

Did I mention we stopped by Newcastle? It also is on the Pacific with stunning beaches. As we approached the city, we encountered a couple of rounabouts. Joanne was at the wheel for the first time in our journey.

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