Tuesday, November 02, 2010


Who Needs a Pair?

For those of us who live outside the confines of the Greater Toronto Area, or outside the limits of any major metropolitan area, we are not often within earshot of the chants of ticket scalpers.

Alas, the ticket scalping business is now flooding the internet as well. There are several companies well established in North America that look like they are offering a deal on tickets for professional sports games. “Stubhub” is one example.

Patrons who have season tickets flog their extras on sites such as this. Ticket prices are simply insane on these sites. Even “Ticketmaster” has been in hot water recently for gouging unsuspecting buyers with obscene prices.

If you happen to have a pair of Toronto Maple Leaf tickets in the Lower Area of the Air Canada Centre, you probably paid more than $ 200 for each ticket, retail. You could easily get double that price outside the arena an hour before the game. You might get a thousand bucks for the pair on the internet. No need to ask who would pay such outrageous prices for these tickets. The ACC is packed for every Leafs’ game.

Through the generosity of friends, family and alumni of the Wellington Dukes, I have been able to provide the opportunity for sports fans to catch the action. The Third Annual “Super Sports Draw” tickets are now on sale.

There will be twenty-five great prizes in this draw, including tickets to all major sports events in this area: Leafs, Argos, Toronto Football Club (soccer), Senators, Habs, Tiger Cats, Blue Jays, Raptors, Belleville Bulls, and golfing opportunities at several local courses. There are also four tickets to the Hockey Hall of Fame. Prizes are still coming in, but there is a guarantee of at least 25 major prizes, totalling almost $ 5 000.

Tickets for the draw are now in the hands of all Dukes’ players and executive members. There are always tickets at Lavender Furniture. Occasionally, a player and/or an executive member may show up at a corner in the village, or at the Legion to flog the tickets.

Tickets will also be on sale at Belleville Bulls’ and Dukes’ home games.

Obviously, this is a fund-raising activity for the Dukes. It also offers you, the sports fan, a chance to attend a big league game without the hassle, nor the expense, of dealing with a big-time scalper.

Presently in the prize pouch are the following: golf at Trillium Wood, Picton Golf Club, Wellington-on-the lake Golf Club, and the Bay of Quinte Golf Club. Leafs against the following: Islanders, Tampa Bay (three sets), and Bruins. Senators against: the Rangers-four sets, the Capitals, the Flyers. Blue Jays against the Detroit Tigers, and four open tickets. Soccer tickets of your choice. Habs tickets are on their way.

If you have been perusing this column for the past ten years, you know that I strongly advocate “being there”. Now is your opportunity to see the action live at one of these great sporting events, with a little luck.

There is also a pair of Season tickets for the Dukes for 2011-2012. Obviously, these seats would be in the New Duke Dome, expected to open in mid-December.

Tickets are ten dollars each, three for twenty-five. More than a thousand tickets have already been sold, and the rest will not last through the Christmas season. (Great stocking stuffers!) The draw will take place at the last home game this season on Friday, February 11, 2011.

Who’s got a pair? The Wellington Dukes do, and they could be yours!

James Hurst
November 1, 2010

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