Tuesday, November 08, 2011


Wellington Dukes Super Sports Draw-2011

On occasion, I have been accused of behaving shamelessly. Let me rephrase that. Quite often, I do behave shamelessly!

I blunder from pillar to post, touting various projects and organizations that I consider to have merit: the Wellington Dukes, the Belleville Minor Football League, the Belleville Bulls, the Buffalo Bills, The Hamilton Tiger Cats. On occasion, I join forces with social causes as well, but this is not the space for that.

At the present time, I am selling tickets for the Wellington Dukes. There are many of us in this community who believe that the Dukes are an important source of joy and entertainment. And so we press on with activities to help the club.

In this case, I am selling “Super Sports Draw” tickets. This is the fourth annual draw, and it has been a rewarding activity: rewarding for the Dukes for the funds that are raised, but also rewarding for the winners.

The prizes, in my humble estimation are fabulous. Most are tickets for sports events. There are also great golf prizes, and several merchandise prizes as well.

Sometimes I am asked where I get these great prizes: in a nutshell, I mooch them. A quick check of the Webster’s is worth the ink: “To make one’s way (in life) with sharp practice”. That isn’t all bad.

Here are the hockey tickets I have mooched so far:

March 10: Leafs and Flyers
March 20: Leafs and Islanders
February 25: Sens and Bruins
February 26: Sens and Islanders
February 23: Leafs and Sharks
February 28: Leafs and Panthers
March 10: Sens and Sabres
April 3: Sens and Hurricanes

There are also four pair of Bulls tickets, and two season tickets for the 2012-2013 Dukes games.

There are soccer tickets for the TFC, Argos tickets, Raptors tickets, and Blue Jay tickets for next year.

There are four rounds of golf for two at local courses.

The Dukes are indebted to all of the fine folks who have donated to this draw. The end result of it is that many sports fans have had a great experience at the rink, at the ball diamond, at the soccer pitch, and at the football field. Perhaps at the basketball court as well, if they can reach an agreement.

There are still more prizes to come, including several fabulous sports sweaters. I will let you know about these when they arrive.

The tickets for the draw make great Christmas gifts. Better than a pair of Argyll socks!

Tickets are now available at all Dukes and Bulls games, from Dukes executive and players, and at Lavender Furniture in downtown Wellington.

Grab a chance to be there!

James Hurst
November 6, 2011.

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