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Let the Games Begin-London, 2012

They passed around the Olympic Torch at Wimbledon last weekend. It has circulated the British Isles, in anticipation of the opening of the Games. The Opening Ceremonies will be shown on our television screens this Friday night, beginning at 7:30pm, and will be watched by billions of people around the globe.

Prior to the ancient games held in Greece, warriors dropped their spears and their shields, and peace was declared throughout the lands while the games were in progress. Such will not be the case today, unfortunately. Warring nations will participate in the Games in London, but will continue their nasty business in their native lands.

Despite the best efforts of the authorities over the years, from founding father Pierre de Coubertin to the present director of the Games, Jacques Rogge, the Games remain an important political event for all concerned. Sadly. No matter what surface you scratch, there will be political undertones at these Olympic Games.

When you win your gold medal, you get to take the podium. You receive your medal, then stand proudly as you listen to your national anthem, and watch your nation’s flag rising to the top of the flag pole. Over the years there have been dozens of Olympic skirmishes about flags. Sadly.

The city of London, and the country, have been preparing for the event for several years. The Olympic rings hang from the Tower Bridge over the Thames. Londoners with money, and any sense at all have headed to the country. Streets are already crowded, even the weather is heating up. Yesterday, it was plus thirty degrees Celsius in the city!

Ticket holders have been warned to get to their sites two hours before the events. They are also cautioned in the literature to be prepared to wait for the tube on their way home. Mind the Gap.

There are events scheduled throughout the country. The Canadian women’s soccer team plays its first few games in Coventry. They are ranked seventh in the world, and expectations are high. With some good fortune, they might end up playing the final at Wembley Stadium, host site of the Games.

Brits are on a bit of an emotional high today because one of their own, Bradley Higgins, won the Tour de France bicycle race last weekend in Paris. That marked the first time a Brit has won the event. Pip pip!

Over the years, the Games have increased in size. This year, there are 164 countries sending athletes, observers, trainers, coaches, and others to the Games. There are 36 sports represented at the games. It has grown to a monstrous size, and it is time to put the brakes on the entire undertaking.

At my Olympic Games, there is no synchronized swimming. There are no horses, there is no shooting. There are no events that are judged so poorly that results are thrown out after the event. There is no rhythmic gymnastics.

For those of you who read this column, occasionally, you know I love sports. This may surprise you: I am going to eliminate basketball from the Games. Soccer, volleyball, golf, bicycle riding, and even ice hockey at the Winter Olympics! The main reason is because I want to downsize the Games, and the events I have listed, and others as well, have their own world championships that are more important than the Games.

Let’s keep it simple. Run, jump, throw. Maybe a little action in the pool. Let the Games begin!

July 14, 2012


James Hurst

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