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Keith Macdonald

Keith MacDonald


Keith MacDonald was born in Prince Edward Country on July 18, 1927. He attended West Lake School in The County, then attended Albert College in Belleville. A life long farmer, he still tills the soil settled by his ancestors in 1822.

He gained his love of sport from his father, and excelled in many different athletic areas. In the early 1940s, he won the tennis championship at Albert; however, Keith is to be recognized for his prowess on the baseball diamond, and in the hockey arena.

As a member of the Belleville McFarlands, Keith won the World Championship of hockey in 1959 in Prague, Czechoslovakia. He won the Allan Cup with the team in Kelowna, British Columbia, in 1958. He worked his way up to the Senior “A” level through various junior and intermediate teams in The County, and with the Senior “B” teams in Belleville.

In the summer, MacDonald played on several fastball and baseball teams in The County, and in Belleville. He won the Eastern Ontario Intermediate “C” Championship with the Bloomfield Silver Ribbons. In 1954, he played third base for the Belleville Batas, winning the All Ontario Baseball Championship.

Always a fierce competitor, Keith MacDonald was a valued member of every team he played for, and an important member of the community in Prince Edward County.

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