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Patrick Cote Now Serving 30 Months in Prison

The story below is taken from various sources in the Quebec area. It is obvious that Cote has lived on the edge for many years. He was not a bad hockey player, having scored 20 goals one season in the Quebec League. There are plenty of players at that level who would love to score 20 goals.

There are many players who would like to say they played more than 100 games in the NHL. But I am sure that none of them would like to be in Cote’s shoes at this moment. Just sad.


“Patrick Cote, who played 105 games in the NHL, has been sent to prison for 30 months after he confessed to two bank robberies according to CJAD 800 AM in Montreal. The 39-year-old former enforcer spent time with the Dallas Stars, Nashville Predators and Edmonton Oilers over parts of six NHL seasons.

Cote caught the eye of police in May when the car he was driving broke down in Candiac. When the patrol officers realized the car had been reported stolen in Ontario, they took Cote to the station for questioning.

That's when he admitted to investigators that he'd robbed a CIBC branch in Brossard in May and a Laurentian Bank in Saint Constant a few days later.

Cote does have a criminal history.

In 2002, he was arrested in Malone, N.Y., after police found 30 pounds of marijuana in his car. He pleaded guilty to a reduced charge, but had twice violated his parole. He turned himself into U.S. authorities in 2011 for one such violation.

CJAD also reported Cote has armed assault on his record.

Cote was drafted 37th overall by the Dallas Stars in 1995. He scored just one goal in his career and also had two assists. All three points came in 1998-99 when he appeared in 70 games with the Predators, his only full season in the league. That year he racked up 242 of his 377 career penalty minutes.

The La Salle, Quebec, native's post-NHL career included seven seasons in what is now known as the LNAH, a circuit known primarily for its fighting.

It's always unfortunate to see a pro athlete fall from grace, but it seems like this has been a path Cote has been on for a while. Still, copping to robbing banks is a way long way away from the NHL.”


From the Bleacher Report.



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