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One Boston Day-2015

One Boston Day


On Monday, the city of Boston celebrated its great Spring Tradition of the running of the Boston Marathon. For years, the city has hosted the event, and thousands of runners from around the world run to compete in the city.


This year, the city fathers decided to name the day of the Marathon “One Boston Day”. It was the day when the community showed its honour and remembered all of those affected by the tragic events of April 15, 2013. It was also a time to celebrate Boston’s spirit, and the strength, resiliency, and compassion. The survivors of the bomb attack in 2013 wanted to pass on the kindness, generosity, and support they received following the Marathon.


The city held a moment of silence at 2:49 pm to mark the two year anniversary, with church bells ringing throughout the city shortly after to pay tribute, and celebrate the lives of those affected by the bombing.


                                                           Paul and J. P. Norden
Several of the survivors recently attended a Red Sox Spring Training game in Fort Myers. They were recognized at home plate before the game, and were treated to great seats in the Jet Blue Complex. Fenway South, they call it. They were seated directly behind my wife, and they were most entertaining! I spoke briefly with them during the contest. They were thrilled to be there. Both the Norden brothers had prosthetic devices attached to their legs, as a result of the horrific nature of the bombs.


There were several Quinte area residents in Boston in 2013. Eric Lindenberg looks after Red Ball Radio in Belleville when he isn’t out running the roads. He is a very accomplished marathon runner, and has qualified to run in Boston on several occasions. He painted the picture for me in the finishing area. “I was about two blocks from the actual finish line. I had several members of my family, and friends, as do all competitors. I did hear the first bomb. It really sounded like a truck backfiring amongst the crowded streets. Then there was a second noise, but I really had no idea what was happening.”


                                                                Cassandra Bonn
Cassandra Bonn is also a seasoned marathoner. She and her husband Kris have participated in several marathons as well. She was a little closer to the finish line than was Lindenberg, but still did not realize the severity of the situation. “I was a block and a half away from the finish line when this thing happened. I heard two explosions. I was trying to meet my family, and leave the area.” Cassandra is an account executive with Quinte Broadcasting, and she considers running to be “a sport that I love”. She participated in this year’s marathon, as did Lindenberg. Cassandra's time this year? 3:38! Well done!


In the relaxed atmosphere of Spring Training, Paul and J. P. Noonan enjoyed the game. This year’s Boston Marathon most certainly would have been an emotional time for them. They have spent two years of intense rehabilitation after the bombing. Three people lost their lives at the site, but there were hundreds who sustained serious injuries. One of the bombers was killed after an intense manhunt. The second was recently convicted for the attack, and is awaiting sentencing. I will not dignify them by even mentioning their names.


And yes, Dorothy, there was a ball game, one which featured a goofy play. The Jays loaded the bases. With one out, the batter, Dalton Pompey, popped the ball high, just in front of home plate. Now the infield fly rule applies in this case. The batter is automatically out, and the base runners are allowed to move up, taking their chances. In this case, the umpires failed to call the play immediately. Encarnacion was trapped off third base for the final out of the inning.


I asked one of the old scribes about the play. His comment? “It’s Spring Training for the umpires too!”


Never a dull moment!


James Hurst




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