Friday, October 16, 2015


Bat Flips!

There has been a host of nonsense and tomfoolery about a certain "Bat Flip" that took place recently in a Major League Baseball game.

In a critical situation in the late innings, Jose Bautista of the Toronto Blue Jays launched a home run. After watching it for a few seconds, he flipped his bat and rounded the bases.

An entire nation watched in awe. That would be the nation north of the United States. The fate of the Blue Jays has captured the attention of all Canadians.

Election? What election? It's a good thing a lot of Canadians have already voted. In record numbers, I believe.

Today's paper says that the Kansas City Royals will be in Toronto on election day. game Time 8:07pm.

And will all eyes be glued to watch the election results? Forgetaboutit. At least until the game is over. At any rate, there will still be people voting in some parts of the nation.

I thought that Bautista's shot was good enough. I jumped off the couch when I saw the bat fly.

I grabbed this off Facebook a moment ago. Hope you like it.

I still think Jose's is the best.


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