Tuesday, August 30, 2016


Breakfast of Champions: The CFL 2016

Most of the teams in the CFL have played half their games at this point in the season. As is often the case, the teams from the West Division have done a little better than the teams in the East.

Calgary Stampeders have lost just once in the nine games thus far. The British Columbia Lions are in second place in the West, with three losses. It has been a tough season for the Saskatchewan Roughriders, with just one win. Last Friday night, they lost to the Edmonton Eskimos, by the close score of 33-25.

Of the four teams in the East Division, three have four wins. Montreal sits in the basement, but with three wins. As is always the case with the CFL, things can change dramatically. One of the prime reasons is because of the cuts in the National Football League.

The NFL is in the throes of completing its pre season contests, and there are exceptional players that just don’t fit with certain teams. Many of those players know about the CFL. They are competitive, and want to play the game. Hence, they fly north in hopes that they can catch on with a team before rosters are finalized. The CFL scouts are scouring the practice fields of the NFL in hopes that they can pick up a few key players.

The Lions head to Toronto this week to play the Argos. Toronto has moved to BMO Field from the cavernous Rogers Centre, which was always unsuitable for football. It was fine for Grey Cup games, but not for regular season games. Surprisingly, there are plenty of seats available for the Argo games. I thought the place would sell out quickly, as is the case in Ottawa.

The REDBLACKS play in Montreal on Thursday night. You will find the Ottawa quarterback Henry Burris on the front of the Sugar Crisp box, chased by The Alouettes’ Nicolas Boulay. There are five other boxes in the series, with quarterbacks on each one. Bo-Levi Mitchell is at the helm for the Stampeders, pursued by Marcus Howard of the Eskimos.

The Tiger Cats’ Zach Collaros is featured with the Argos Jason Vega, a preview of the annual Labour Day game to be held in Hamilton this year.

There is also a contest that will put you in great seats at the Grey Cup Game:  air fare, accommodation, dinner at The Keg, jerseys, and some pocket money.

Shreddies are on my diet, so I will keep an eye on Darian Durant from the Roughriders and Joshua Bell from the Stamps, as I chomp down on my breakfast.

On November 27, we will discover who, in fact, will be able to start the day with his own box as the “Breakfast of Champions!”

August 30, 2016     

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