Wednesday, October 19, 2016


Tim Hortons Hockey Cards 2016-2017

Once again this year, collectors have been given the opportunity to put together a set of hockey cards, while sipping their coffee.

There are 100 cards in the Tim Hortons collection, beginning with # 1 Tim Horton. These cards came out as the World Cup of Hockey was getting underway in Canada. Naturally, one of the key cards in the set is that of Sidney Crosby. He is the marquee player in the set. His image is on the front of each and every pack.

He certainly has re-established himself as the best player in the game today, following his Stanley Cup victory last spring, and his fine play in the World Cup. Unfortunately, he is prone to concussions, and the Penguins announced today that he has suffered yet another concussion.

If you happen to like insert cards, there is a heap of them in this set: local leaders checklist cards, game day action, pure gold, clear cut platinum, franchise force, 2016 NHL Draft, Tim Hortons cash prize cards, autographed cards, jersey cards, etc.

Sharing the spotlight with Crosby is Nathan MacKinnon. One of the commercials promoting the cards has the pair of them seated in a restaurant. Crosby holds up a MacKinnon card to trade, and MacKinnon says, “You're going to trade your best player?” It really breaks Crosby up. He is speechless. Quite well done.

There are pin codes inside each pack. Collectors are encouraged to enter the codes to collect the set on line. If a card pops up that you already have in your collection, you can trade it with another collector. You are encouraged to thank the person who supplies you with the card you needed.

Every 24 hours, you are also rewarded with three free cards without purchasing any product. Even though I was not sure about this concept when I first began, I did enjoy the activity. Mind you, I have only collected about half of the cards. I am uncertain as to the length of the activity. I could use another month of free cards.

The cards are manufactured by Upper Deck, and are spectacular. They contain the statistics for the players for the past five seasons. Card # 16 is Max Domi's card. Last year was his rookie season, and the card tells us he had 18 goals and 34 assists. He was in the running as the rookie of the year, but was overshadowed by the remarkable Black Hawk rookie Artemi Panarin.

St. Louis Blues' rookie Robby Fabbri also had 18 goals last season, and 37 points. The Blues are expecting big things from him this season. This could be a banner year for the Oilers' Connor McDavid. He will be playing in a new barn, with an exciting young team.

If you are interested in obtaining a set of these cards, get in touch with me in early December. They become readily available following the big card show in Toronto.

James Hurst

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