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World Series Canadians

This article is copied from the archives of Michael Murray. Michael lives in Picton, Ontario, and winters in Cape Coral, Florida.  I am grateful to him for allowing me to reprint his work here.

Johnny Rutherford, who pitched in the Series for the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1952, later earned a medical degree. Peter Carver and I interviewed him at his home north of Detroit.

Twenty different Canadians have played in the World Series since 1884. The modern World Series didn't start until 1903, but MLB did host World Championships prior to that. Of those twenty players 11 won the World Series. Canadian Baseball Hall of Famer George Selkirk has won the most Championships with 5 titles.

*Arthur Irwin Providence 1884

*James Tip O'Neill St. Louis Browns 1885, 86, 87, 88

Fred Lake Boston Beaneaters 1897

Bill O'Neill Chicago White Sox 1906

*Jimmy Archer Detroit 1907, Chicago Cubs 1910

*George Gibson Pittsburgh 1909

*Larry McLean NY Giants 1913

*Jack Graney Cleveland 1920

*George Selkirk NY Yankees 1936, 37, 38, 39, 41, 42

Johnny Rutherford Brooklyn 1952

*Ron Taylor St. Louis 1964, NY Mets 1969

*John Hiller Detroit 1968

*Reggie Cleveland Boston 1975

Rob Butler Toronto 1993

*Larry Walker St. Louis 2004

Jeff Francis Colorado 2007

Eric Gagne Boston 2007

*Matt Stairs Philadelphia 2008, 09

John Axford St. Louis 2013

Ryan Dempster Boston 2013

Bolded means won World Series that year

* means inducted into the Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame

Best World Series performances:
Tip O'Neill 1886 – G-6, R-4, H-8, T-2, HR-2, RBI-5, BB-4, SB-2, OBP .500, SLG .900, AVG .400
Larry McLean 1913 – G-5, H-6, RBI-2, OBP .500, SLG .500, AVG .500
George Selkirk 1936 – G-6, R-6, H-8, T-1, HR-2, RBI-3, BB-4, OBP .429, SLG .667. AVG .333
Ron Taylor 1964/1969 – G-4, ERA 0.00, SV-2, IP-7, H-0, SO-5
Larry Walker 2004 – G-4, R-2, H-5, D-2, HR-2, RBI-3, BB-2, OBP .438, SLG .929, AVG .357
Hall of Famers Jimmy Archer and Jack Graney (right) are the only two Canadians to play for the Cubs and Indians in the World Series.

Archer played 1st base and catcher in 3 of the 5 games in the 1910 World Series that Chicago lost to Philadelphia. Jimmy had 11 at-bats, 1 runs scored, 2 hits, 1 double and 4 strikeouts in the series.

Graney played in 3 of the 7 games in the 1920 World Series beating Brooklyn. Jack had 3 pinch hit at-bats with 2 strikeouts in the series and played in the outfield.

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